There are many ways people help out Outrage!. Some of them sacrifice some of their free time to our cause, others help out by giving money for us to pay for the many little things. Here’s an overview how YOU can help.


Are you motivated and you want to move?
We need people to help us distribute flyers,

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march in manifestations or stand with us during protests. Send us an email to contact [at] outrage [dot] be. It doesn’t matter where you live. We need people everywhere.

Time and talent

Many of you have talents and positions that Outrage! can use, such as communication experts, marketeers, politicians, lawyers.
Others may just be willing to dedicate some time to do some work from or around home.
Be sure to let us know!


You don’t have to wait for us to organise something. If you have a great idea for an initiative and you want to do it under the name of Outrage!, just let us know and we’ll support you in any way we can. Just make sure it is non-violent and that you make the necessary arrangement with the police if needed. If you need the Outrage! logo, you can download the vector image here.

Cold hard cash

Outrage! does not get any funds and none of us get paid. So a little financial support is always welcome.There are basically 3 ways you can help us out:

  1. You can simply give us some cash. The

    more, the better, but even 5€ helps us out. To give us money, send an email to contact [at] outrage [dot] be.

  2. You run a restaurant, a (gay) bar or a night club? Our actions are to the advantage of both your clients and your business! You can help us by refunding our expenses and we’ll bring you the bills.


The more people know and support Outrage!, the more people we will find to help us out in any way described above and the stronger

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our message will sound.

Talk about us! Spread the word! Wear an Outrage! t-shirt! Link to our page! If you have a facebook account, join our Facebook page and invite your friends to do so as well. You can do that by sharing our page to your wall, but it’s even more effective if you invite your friends with the “invite friends” link you’ll find on our Outrage! BE page (top right column).

Outrage! Belgium on facebook