About us

What is Outrage!?

We are an open community based group from Belgium, founded in the LGBT*-community, who have united to fight homophobia, discrimination and violence directed against us; and to assert our dignity and human rights. We are committed to working with organisations and individuals, and to take radical, non-violent, direct action, and political actions, to affirm our rights and bring about positive change.

*LGBT: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender

Who is behind it?

Outrage! is a movement, not an association, that fights against homophobia and gay bashing. Therefore, every person, be it straight or gay, woman or man, that wants to do something about homophobia is defacto a part of Outrage!.

Yeah, that’s nice, but seriously?

Outrage! is run by a handful of motivated people that fullfil a part of the work, each in their own capacity. They are in their turn supported by their own friends and networks.

We live in Belgium. Why da hell is everything in English?

The LGBT-community consists of many different nationalities. Bar a few only, English is understood by all of them. We therefor encourage but do not mandate the use of English in the forum or in your comments. You are free to use the language you feel comfortable with.